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Hard Drive Repair Service (HDD) for Data Recovery Purposes

If your hard drive failed and you lost important data, we might be able to fix it for you, for only $60! Our unique hard disk repair service is available for hard drives with failed circuit boards, firmware issues, and other non-mechanical failures. Please check our website for all of the details or call 800-573 4909 now. Get Started.

Service Package Includes:

  1. Free Hard Drive Diagnostics

  2. Repair of hard drive failure (if possible)

  3. If required for repair - replacement circuit board (PCB).

  4. Data access test and bad sector check

Note: There will be nothing sent to you when you purchase this item! You must send your media to us for service! When you purchase this package - you must submit the service request form and send it with your media.

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If you suspect that your hard drive circuit board is defective, you need to send it to us for full service of replacement, firmware transfer and diagnostics. We will take care of everything from top to bottom. If we encounter any difficulties during the process, such as a different cause of failure, we will immediately notify you.

Regular Diagnostics service takes on average 48-72 business hours, and PCB Adaptation Service an additional 24-48 business hours, totaling of up to 5 business days of service. Contact us at 1.800.733.0978 if you required an emergency 24 hour service.


If you assume that your hard drive PCB is dead - purchase this item and send your old PCB or entire drive for replacement and adaptation service.

  • Step 1. Purchase this item.
  • Step 2. Fill out and submit service form. Indicate the item number in "order number" field of the form.
  • Step 3. Send your original PCB or, preferably, entire hard drive to the address provided on the confirmation page.

About PCB Firmware

Most of the hard drive circuit boards possess ROM, NV-RAM or Controller chip. That chip holds unique data, required for access to hard drive System Area. We will call this data “PCB Firmware”. With PCB Firmware missing or incorrect, there is no access to hard drive System Area, therefore no access to user data. Because of that issue, a simple swap of circuit boards will not make a faulty hard drive operational. There may be a need to transfer the PCB Firmware onto a new PCB.

In many cases, the ROM or NV-RAM chip is external, and it can be physically transferred (soldered) onto a new circuit board. In other cases, the PCB Firmware is located in Controller chip, and without a professional BGA Rework Station, it is impossible to move that chip over onto a new PCB. Moreover, that same controller chip is often the problem in original PCB. In such case, a new one must be reprogrammed with correct PCB Firmware, which Donor Drives can generate, having access to original failed hard drive.

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