Data Erasure Validation Services


Many certification bodies and government agencies require your business to obtain a certified data erasure validation service from a 3rd party service provider, which is in the industry of data recovery or digital forensics. Such service verifies that your data destruction methods are sound and no data is remained on the drive available for recovery. Our firm is at-core a professional and nation's top rated data recovery business, thus we have all the equipment, and expertise to verify your data destruction methods. Contact us today or dial 1-800-733-0978  to see how we can help.

Why Verify Data Destruction?

How do you know if your data erasure methods are 100% reliable? Leaving even small pieces of information on a device can allow hackers to utlize algorythms to scan raw data for sensitive information such as social security or credit card numbers. A single sector can fit over 50 social security or 30 credit card numbers. Our services will verify dependability of your data destruction practices making your organization compliant with even the most strict regulatory guidelines. 


We use some of the most advanced data recovery and forensics equipment to individually verify dependability of the data erasure method used. Some of the equipment we use is Acelab's PC-3000, X-Ways WinHex Forensics Edition, Celebrite, and many others. 


After our inspection of your medias, we will provide you with a detailed report of hashes and other findings, specific to each media serial number. If all medias successful pass our inspection and verification tests, a certificate will be issued containing inspected serial numbers.

Contact us today or call 1-800-733-0978 to find out more about our data erasure validation services and begin the service. 

Pricing and Payments

The cost of our service, regardless of the media type is $50/device. Client pays for shipping both ways. We accept check and major credit cards as payment methods. A discount is available if medias aren't returned. Contact us for more details.

Get Started

To get started, mail your devices to the address below. Make sure the devices are well protected from shipping damage. If no prior arrangements made, make sure your contact information, including your company name, contact name, direct phone number, email, and address is included in the package. You may include a check with the payment in the package, otherwise we will contact you to obtain a payment via credit card. Please expect on average one week turnaround time. Your shipment must either include a return label or UPS or FedEx account number and return address for return of your devices. Our inspection report and a certificate will be mailed back with the devices and can optionally be emailed back to you, if so requested.

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