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Backorder Information Page

Payment Processing

Your preferred payment method will be charged at the time of your order. Your item will ship when it becomes available. If the order cannot be fulfilled within two business weeks, it will be refunded.


We work tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure the products are sourced ASAP. Orders with multiple items will be shipped together, when all items in the order become available. If one or more items cannot be fulfilled, a refund for them will be issued. Updates regarding the current backorder are only available at the point of fulfillment. By placing a backorder you agree and understand that there will be no updates available until the order is fulfilled or canceled. All backordered items will be fulfilled within two business weeks or refunded in full.


Once available and released for shipping, backordered products will ship immediately via the shipping option selected by you during checkout. Multiple backordered items will ship together once available. If in the rare circumstance we cannot fulfill your backordered item for any reason, you will be notified via email that your order will be cancelled and the dollar amount for your order will be refunded promptly.


Backorders can be canceled at any time prior to fulfilment with a 20% convenience fee deducted from your refund.


Backordered items must be returned within 14 days from delivery day and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.


Backorders are not eligable for discounts.

Please note: We will NOT guarantee the PCB revision, date of manufacture, or serial numbers (with exception to the first three digits for seagate hard drives)


The following specifications will be guaranteed for each brand when backordered. 

Western Digital

  • Model number

  • DCM compatibility

  • Country of manufacture


  • Model number 

  • First three digits of the serial number

  • Part Number

  • Firmware 

  • Site code and country of manufacture


  • Model number

  • HDD Part number

  • Firmware 

Hitachi/ IBM

  • Model number 

  • Part number

  • MLC


  • Model number 

  • HDD code 


  • Model number 

  • Four-letters.



    • Model number

    • Part number