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PCB Adaptation and Diagnostics Services

If you HAVE a replacement PCB:

  1. If it was purchased from Donor Drives within 30 days, the order will be fully refunded. You will be billed for the service separtely.
  2. If it was purchased somewhere else – do not send it for the service. It is highly recommended to return it for a refund to the place of purchase
  3. Submit a service request form and follow instructions


If you do NOT HAVE a replacement PCB:

  1. Do NOT buy any parts or services online, unless otherwise instructed by sales representative
  2. Submit a service request form and follow instructions



The cost of the PCB Adaptation Service is $90, and includes diagnostics, replacement part, adaptation service, and data access test. Shipping back is not included, and cost varies on your location and shipping method you chose.



Regular Diagnostics service takes on average 48-72 business hours, and PCB Adaptation Service an additional 24-48 business hours, totaling at up to 5 business days. A same day emergency service is available at $90 fee.



We strongly suggest sending the entire hard drive for diagnostics, not just the circuit board. The service is often not possible without the original hard drive. There will be no testing done if only PCB is received.

While performing hard drive diagnostic services, we will check for all possible failures without opening your hard drive and voiding the warranty. If we find the PCB to be faulty, we will proceed with PCB Adaptation Service. If we identify a minor failure that we can service, a quote will be provided. Otherwise, we will recommend a data recovery service that we believe will offer you with the most effective pricing and recovery success.

With only the PCB, we will (if possible) perform a PCB Firmware transfer, and then ship you the working replacement. With the hard drive, we will run complete professional diagnostics to make sure that the PCB is faulty. Once we verify PCB failure, the PCB Firmware will be transferred. We will check for logical data access and bad sectors, and if no additional failures are found, the repaired hard drive will be returned back to you.


Data Extraction Service

After a hard drive is serviced, some clients are still unable to access data due to different logical failures that occur when the hard drive originally fails (logical volume won't open and computer asks to format the hard drive, missing data or no data available at all, hard drive not initialized, etc.). Since we are using specifically designed software and hardware tools for hard drive diagnostics and repair, we can’t predict how the hard drive will behave in a particular User-OS environment after service; we always recommend our clients consider our professional data extraction service. We use professional data recovery software and hardware tools to extract data from your media device, and ensure that your data is fully intact. Ask your sales representative about this service, pricing, and available discounts.


Terms of Service

  • If there is no communication from a customer for a period of 30 days, Donor Drives automatically assumes that service is no longer required. Media will be securely disposed of 30 days after the last contact with the customer
  • Any prior item modifications (such as soldering original PCB, attempting repairs on your own or via a different company) may result in serious hard drive damage, which could diminish the chances of a successful repair
  • Before proceeding with any DIY repairs, make sure that original PCB is burnt or damaged
  • You can return the purchased circuit board within 30 days from the original purchase for a refund
  • Donor Drives, LLC is not responsible for any advanced failures that may be present on the hard drive besides the circuit board failure