Heads up, data recovery professionals!


ACE Labs is offering a FREE one-day conference in New York on monolith flash recovery. This will be a must-see for professionals who need to perform monlithic flash recoveries, especially forensic specialists and companies who perform NAND recoveries.

ACE Labs is the company behind the PC 3000--the most trusted family of professional data recovery solutions.


Topics covered will include:

  • Making monolith recoveries more efficient
  • Methods of working with monolith devices
  • Monolith chip soldering
  • Working with unknown monolithic flash drives
  • Troubleshooting controllers and power supply voltage
  • and more!

Be sure to register by the deadline of September 10th! Details below:



Monolith. Top-Level Technology for Top-Level Tasks.
Presented by

Friday, September 18, 2015. 10am to 4pm.
Holiday Inn Midtown (440 W. 57th St., NYC)


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